floor and ceiling inspection pro spect home inspection

floor and ceiling inspection pro spect home inspection


Our Home Sellers Inspections provide the perfect  floor and ceiling visual inspection reports to help sellers better understand the health of their house and how it affects the market value

The inspector should review that:

Grounds And Exterior Structure

  • Foundation appears in good condition with no significant cracks
  • No evidence of leaks from the septic tank
  • Drainage away from the house with no standing water
  • Exterior walls appear straight with no sagging
  • Windows and door frames appear square
  • Siding appears in good condition with no cracks or damage
  • Bricks appear undamaged with no cracks in joints
  • Paint is not flaking or stained
  • Roof shingles are not missing or damaged
  • Gutters show no decay and drain properly
  • Chimneys appear straight and undamaged
  • The detached garage shed, fence and deck appear in good condition with no rotted wood or evidence of termites


  • No evidence of moisture
  • No evidence of water damage to the above floor
  • The sump pump operates properly


    • No evidence of staining from the roof
    • The structure shows no damage or decay
    • Adequate ventilation through soffit vents and end louvers
    • Insulation is sufficient and installed properly
    • Electrical splices are contained

Interior Rooms

    • Floors, walls, and ceilings appear straight and level without visible stains, cracking, or damage
    • Doors open easily and latch properly when closed
    • Lights and switches operate properly
    • Adequate number of electrical outlets in each room
    • Heating and air conditioning vents in all rooms
    • The fireplace has no cracking and shows no staining
    • The fireplace flue has been cleaned and is lined
    • Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working and located properly
    • Stairway treads and risers are solid


Printable Building Inspection Report

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