radon testing in Tennessee

Radon testing

most are activated charcoal-based or electret ions that measure radon levels for two to seven days. You mail the tests to a lab for the results. Short-term tests are available at home centers, hardware stores, and online retailers. Long-term tests measure levels for 90 days to one year.

What is radon and what causes radon gas?

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas that’s produced by decaying uranium. Radon is present in nearly all soils and very low levels of radon gas are found in the air we breathe every day.

Why is radon a problem?

The problem occurs when radon gas enters your home and gets trapped. Long-term exposure to high levels of radon can cause lung cancer

While questions still remain over the quantities and length of exposure, radon concerns are a fact of homeownership.

Most residential real estate transactions require radon testing, and many states require radon mitigation for new construction.

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