window inspection service

Window inspection service

The windows in your home play a large role in the efficiency of your home. No matter the season, your home loses a lot of its ambient temperature through the glass in your windows

What’s the R-value of the glass? Is it insulated, double pane or has storm windows? If you aren’t sure, or you’d like advice, call 888-428-0450 for consultation

Maintenance Checklist – Windows

  • Check caulk. Any gaps wider than the thickness of a nickel need exterior caulk.
  • Any existing sealants that are no longer pliable and continuous need to be removed
  • and resealed.
  • Check window-glazing putty (the material that seals the glass into the window
  • frame) for cracks and missing putty.
  • Repair or replace as necessary.
  • Check for broken or damaged glass.
  • Condensation between double or triple pane glass layers is unsightly and indicates seal failure and loss of energy eficiency.
  • Check for rot or cracks/separation in window frame.
  • Soft, spongy or easily gouged wood indicates rot.
  • Repair and paint window sills and frames as necessary.
  • Make sure windows open and close easily. They are a potential escape route during an emergency.
  • Check operability of bottom sash AND top sash of double hung windows.
  • Conirm locking hardware operation. The lock keeps intruders out and ensures the
  • window seals correctly for energy eficiency.
  • Check and clean window screens.
  • Repair small holes or replace screen entirely if necessary.
  • Many local hardware stores offer screen repair.
  • Wash windows and sashes according to manufacturer’s instructions.
  • To avoid damage to finish and seals, do not powerwash or aim spray hose directly on windows or frames.
  • Remove and store storm windows in spring. Label your storm windows for easier replacement in the fall.
  • Clear out basement window wells.
  • Excess material encourages animal and insect activity and could be a safety concern as well.

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